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We've complied information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help you get a better idea of employment in Restaurant in Portland.

Food and Beverage Serving and Related Workers

  • Most jobs are part time and have few educational requirements, attracting many young people to the occupation-more than one-fifth of these workers were 16 to 19 years old, about five times the proportion for all workers.

  • Job openings are expected to be abundant through 2016, which will create excellent opportunities for jobseekers.

  • Tips comprise a major portion of earnings, so keen competition is expected for jobs in fine dining and more popular restaurants where potential tips are greatest.

Food Service Managers

  • Experience in food and beverage preparation and serving jobs is necessary for most food service manager positions.

  • Food service managers coordinate a wide range of activities, but their most difficult task may be dealing with irate customers and uncooperative employees.

  • Job opportunities for food service managers should be good as the number of outlets of restaurant chains increases to meet customer demand for convenience and value.

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